Amanda Kesek

Amanda completed her B.A. at the University of Western Ontario, with Dr. J. Bruce Morton as her honors thesis supervisor. She continued to work with Dr. Morton in the summer of 2005 as part of the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Program. As of September 2005, she began graduate studies at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Dr. William Cunningham and Dr. Phil Zelazo.

Amanda’s interests are in cognitive development, specifically executive functioning, attention, cognitive flexibility and task switching. She is also interested in investigating the neural correlates of these processes.



  Primary Graduate Students
  • Jay Van Bavel, third year graduate student (social/personality area)
  • Norman Farb, second year graduate student (cognitive area: coadvised by Adam Anderson)
  • Amanda Kesek, first year graduate student (developmental area: coadvised by Phil Zelazo)
  Other Graduate Students Working in the Lab
  • Stacey Espinet (primary advisor: Phil Zelazo)
  • Colin DeYoung (primary advisor: Jordan Peterson)
  3rd Year Mini-Thesis Undergraduate Students
  • Ashley Waggoner (2005)
  • Marina Abrosimov (2005)
  • Gabe Rauterberg (2005)
  • Rosina Kamis (2005)
  Undergraduate Research Assistants
  • Ruchika Knowles (2004 - current)
  • Gary Peng (2005 - current)
  • Javier Gonzalez (2005 - current)
  • Jessica Wilkins (2005 - current)
  • Tim Sitt (2005 - current)
  • Samuel Siah (2005 - current)
  • Yann Myslowski (2005 - current)
  • Jelena Kundacina (2005 - current)
  Subsidiary Graduate Advising
  • Simone Walker (2004 - current)
  • Raluca Petrican (2004 - current)